BLCC President Notice to Members

Good Morning Members,

To date during the Covid crisis we have been careful and diligent in terms of ensuring that our members are not in any way exposed to any threat of cross contamination from this virus. With this still very much in mind, the Committee has decided to again not hold the September Monthly Meeting of Members and we hope you appreciate the reasoning behind this decision.

We are also looking at what can or can't be done in terms of the end of year Presentation Night and Christmas party. The Committee has decided to ask all members for their input to this question by return email. We would ask that you consider if an event was held, would you be an attendee. Please respond with your name, a yes or no and the number of people who would attend with you. 

The final tarmac event for the year, Speed Weekend, will go ahead with a Supersprint on Conrod Straight on the 7th November and a Mountain Straight Hill Climb on Sunday 8th November. Officials will be required for both days so if you can help, please let us know your availability.

The next event at the John Windsor Motorsport Park will be the postponed September Khanacross which will now be held on Sunday 11th October.

I hope you are staying safe and until next time, all the best.

Mick Tuckey


Bathurst Light Car Club