Club Rules


If a member feels that the rules could be improved, then they may request changes be made. Any such requests must be received at or prior to the September Club meeting, so as to enable publication in the Blower and on the club website. Any changes to the rules will be decided on, or prior to, the final Committee meeting of the calendar year, for application in the next calendar year.


For the Club Championship, all members are eligible regardless of age, gender, or period of membership.

A member is eligible to compete in the Junior Championship if they were less than 18 years of age on the 1st of January of the competition year.

A member is eligible to compete in the Rookie Of The Year Championship if they have not yet completed their first full BLCC calendar year of competition on the 1st January of the competition year


The events included in the Championship, as selected by the Committee, will include all event types run by the Club. For an event to be included, it must be calendared and published in the Blower at least four weeks prior to the event. When an event is rescheduled, this rescheduled event will be included without the need to comply with the four week rule, as long as all entered competitors are notified of the change.

All eligible events will be scored for all competitors.


Points will be allocated in the Club Championship according to position in class for BLCC members, with additional bonus points allocated for Outright positions. Should any two or more drivers finish equal in a class or outright position drivers will be allocated equal points and the next position will not be allocated points.

CLASS POINTS:                      10, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 …….

OUTRIGHT POINTS:                 5, 3, 1.

For the Club Championship, the lowest scoring event for each competitor will be dropped from the results. This may be a round in which the competitor did not compete. Accordingly an event that is cancelled and not rescheduled may not be used/nominated as the round to be dropped for lowest points.

OfficialsIf a competitor foregoes competing to officiate at one BLCC organised club championship event during a calendar year they are eligible to earn 10 points towards the club championship. The officiated round cannot be a State or National event and is not to be included as part of the rounds to be dropped and it is the Competitors responsibility to notify the Championship point scorer of the Officiating points earned.

The Rookie Of The Year Championship will be as per the Club Championship.

For the Junior Championship, the EIGHT best results will be totaled to give the final score.  Juniors who wish to compete in Speed Events must comply with current CAMS, NSW Sport & Recreation requirements and have Parental consent.

The Motorkhana Championship will include all motorkhana events which were scored as part of the Club Championship.

The Khanacross Championship will include all khanacross events which were scored as part of the Club Championship.

The Speed Event Championship will include all speed events, (Hillclimb, Supersprint, Standing 1/5th and Autocross ) which were scored as part of the Club Championship.

Classes will be dependent upon the type of event:

Classes will be as per the CAMS Manual:
Class A -2WD, Wheelbase up to 2150mm
Class B – 2WD, Wheelbase 2151 to 2390mm
Class C – 2WD, Wheelbase 2391 to 2574mm
Class D – 2WD, Wheelbase 2575mm or over.
Class Ea – 4WD, Naturally Aspirated – Must be driven in 4WD for entire event.
Class Eb – 4WD, Forced Induction – Must be driven in 4WD for entire Event
Class F – Front Wheel Drive Specials.
Class G – Rear Wheel Drive Specials.

Class structure is as follows:
Class A  – Standard                                0000 – 1600cc
Class B – Modified                                 0000 – 1600cc
Class C – Specials (incl Rally Tyres)        0000 – 1600cc
Class D – Standard                                 1601 – 2000cc
Class E – Modified                                  1601 – 2000cc
Class F – Specials (incl Rally Tyres)        1601 – 2000cc
Class G – Standard                                 2001 and over.
Class H – Modified                                 2001 and over
Class I – Specials (incl Rally Tyres)         2001 and over
Class Ja – 4WD Naturally Aspirated
Class Jb – 4WD Forced Induction

Rally Cars and other vehicles which have been modified for competition use will be classed as Modified.

The use of competition (Rally or Semi Slick etc.) tyres on an otherwise Standard car, will automatically move the vehicle into the Specials class.


Eligible vehicles are front or rear wheel drive 2WD vehicles competing in Motorkhana & Khanacross events. The Championship will be awarded to the competitor who accumulates the highest number of combined points from the Motorkhana & Khanacross Championships.

Points will be scored as per the results of each Motorkhana and Khanacross event with the competitor finishing with the highest total of points being the 2WD Championship winner.


For 2014 and forward years all Speed Event Vehicle Types  & classes will be as per
the CAMS current year NSW Supersprint Vehicle Type Regulations as published
and available at the following website:

The only variation to these rules is that a CAMS log book is not mandatory for Multi-club events.


Ties will be decided by comparing the outright bonus points earned by each competitor for all rounds that they competed in. The competitor with the most bonus points will be declared the winner.

If both competitors involved in the tie have equal bonus points, then they will be declared joint winners.


A competitor may enter an event multiple times in different vehicles. In this case, the competitor must nominate to the secretary on the day, at the start of the event, in writing and signed and dated, the entry which is to be utilised for the scoring of Championship points. If no such nomination is made, then the lowest scoring entry will be used.


Given that the BLCC only runs two events per year, we need to allow competitors to include events from outside the club. A competitor may nominate results from any level of rally to contribute to their scores in both the drivers and co-drivers championship.

The scale of points will vary according to the level of the event as follows:

Closed to Club or invitation / Rallysprint  20 – 1  ( 20, 19, 18…)

Clubman / Open                                                 25 – 1
AMSAG / State Round                                       50 – 1
National / ARC Round                                       50 – 1
Tarmac Rally.                                                     50 – 1
International                                                       75 – 1

In addition to the above, each competitor will be awarded one point for starting the event.

The Australian Safari, or long distance rallies (e.g. Round Australia events), will be scored under the International scale

The Centre Trek will be scored under the Open scale.


The Peter Janson Speed Event Championship is awarded to members who compete at speed events not conducted by BLCC excluding State, National or International events.

To be eligible for inclusion in the Peter Janson Speed Event Championship competitors must nominate results.  Results may be from any level of speed event, not conducted by BLCC, to contribute to their scores. Results are to be received by the point scorer, at the latest, by the general meeting prior to the Presentation night. Points will be allocated as per competitor’s position in class results.

The scale of points will vary according to the level of the event as follows:

Club                                                     20 – 1 (20, 19, 18…)
Multiclub                                              30 – 1
State                                                   50 – 1
National                                               50 – 1
International                                         75 – 1

There will be NO additional point awarded for starting the event.