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Outright Championship 2017 @ 20-08-2017 – Click Here

Khanacross Championship @ 19-08-2017 – Click Here
Motorkhana Championship @ 19-08-2017 – Click Here

2WD Championship @ 19-08-2017 – Click Here
Speed Event Championship @ 20-08-2017Click Here
Rob Worboys Memorial Trials Series 2017 Final – Click Here

Peter Janson Speed Event Championship 2016 Final (See rules for eligible events)  – Click Here

Rally Driver/Navigator Pointscore – TBA

Esses Hillclimb @ 04-03-2017 – Click Here
Mountain Straight Hillclimb @ 05-03-2017 – Click Here


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If a member feels that the rules could be improved, then they may request changes be made. Any such requests must be received at or prior to the September Club meeting, so as to enable publication in the Blower and on the club website. Any changes to the rules will be decided on, or prior to, the final Committee meeting of the calendar year, for application in the next calendar year.


For the Club Championship, all members are eligible regardless of age, gender, or period of membership.

A member is eligible to compete in the Junior Championship if they were less than 18 years of age on the 1st of January of the competition year.

A member is eligible to compete in the Rookie Of The Year Championship if they have not yet completed their first full BLCC calendar year of competition on the 1st January of the competition year


The events included in the Championship, as selected by the Committee, will include all event types run by the Club. For an event to be included, it must be calendared and published in the Blower at least four weeks prior to the event. When an event is rescheduled, this rescheduled event will be included without the need to comply with the four week rule, as long as all entered competitors are notified of the change.

All eligible events will be scored for all competitors.


Points will be allocated in the Club Championship according to position in class for BLCC members, with additional bonus points allocated for Outright positions. Should any two or more drivers finish equal in a class or outright position drivers will be allocated equal points and the next position will not be allocated points.

CLASS POINTS:                      10, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 …….

OUTRIGHT POINTS:                 5, 3, 1.

For the Club Championship, the lowest scoring event for each competitor will be dropped from the results. This may be a round in which the competitor did not compete. Accordingly an event that is cancelled and not rescheduled may not be used/nominated as the round to be dropped for lowest points.

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Supplementary Regs

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